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Right to left: Angeton Mouity, Angelique Mouity, Abdul Balume, Yowali Sing, Ullys Mouity, Cynthia Nixon, and Saida Balume

My family originated from the Republic of Congo. In the early 1990s, a civil war broke out and my family was forced to run and leave everything behind. We became refugees, first in different cities within our own country, then, after another civil war, we found ourselves in Gabon. Finally, in what has become our second home, we settled in the United States of America.

In all places we've been, we learned to cook different types of food. Since arriving in Update New York in August of 2005, it's been my dream to open a restaurant and share my love of African cuisine with the local community. After many years of planning and perseverance, my dream finally came true in October of 2017. My story is similar to the stories of many who came to this country before me to find better lives for themselves and for their children.

- Mr. Ullys Mouity

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